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What is a Boundary scan Self Monitoring/Sensing cell? 
A Self monitoring BC_7 cell type (shown above) has the capability to monitor the output data during an update operation and subsequent capture operation.

FAQ 2010-12-01

Why use Boundary Scan Self Monitoring cell? 
The use of Self-Monitoring cells is an important consideration.

FAQ 2010-12-01

What is a TAP Integrity test? 
This test is created automatically, and in most cases will work without debug. This test verifies that the chain is operable, and that the scan path (shown in bold red in figure 1) is intact.

FAQ 2010-11-01

What do the TAP, JTAG pins/port and 1149.1 pins/port have in common? 
From a technological perspective, they actually refer to the same thing...

FAQ 2010-09-30

What is a Powered Shorts Test? 
Figure 1 illustrates connections between two devices for which a powered shorts test would be generated.

FAQ 2010-07-09

What types of boundary scan tests can be applied on the Agilent Medalist i3070 in-circuit tester (ICT) platform? 
Boundary scan can be applied to perform several different types of test on the Agilent Medalist i3070 in-circuit test series

FAQ 2010-06-15

What is a BSDL file and how important is it in boundary scan? 
A BSDL file, which is the acronym for Boundary Scan Description Language file, is a subset of Very High Speed IC Hardware Description Language (VHDL)...

FAQ 2010-05-19

What are the IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan tests generated on the Agilent Medalist i3070 in-circuit tester?  
The following IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan tests are generated on the Medalist i3070 in-circuit tester:

FAQ 2010-04-09

Is the IEEE Standard 1149.1 supported on the Agilent Medalist i3070 series of ICT systems? 
Yes the Agilent Medalist i3070 series of in-circuit testers supports testing of the IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary scan.

FAQ 2010-04-07

I have an AOI machine and am interested in requesting a feature enhancement. How can I do this?  
A system enhancement request can be submitted by phone or email, 1.800.829.4444 or It can also be submitted through any member of your local Agilent sales team.

FAQ 2007-10-22

Measuring the Characteristic Impedance of PCB 

FAQ 2002-06-27


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