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Envelope Tracking Simulation, Design and Test Solutions

The push for higher data rates in mobile devices is driving wider bandwidth, higher peak-to-average power transmission schemes like LTE. Envelope tracking is a technique which can improve power amplifier efficiency and linearity, resulting in longer battery life, less heat dissipation and wider frequency coverage in LTE handsets. Explore Agilent’s industry-leading envelope tracking tools for power amplifier and power supply design and characterization.

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Solutions and Measurement Tools for Use in Average Power and Envelope Tracking Design - Application  
This app note provides an outline of the techniques involved and the solutions Agilent provides for RF, baseband and system developers.

Application Note 2013-08-05

Simulation and Measurement-based X-parameter Models for Power Amplifiers with Envelope Tracking 
An investigation of envelope tracking power amplifiers using simulation-based and measurement-based frequency domain static XP models.

Article 2013-06-30

Agilent Technologies announces industry-first capabilities for envelope tracking  
Agilent Technologies announced two software releases that support the design and verification of envelope tracking, a technique that improves the efficiency and linearity of power amplifiers used in mobile handsets

Press Materials 2013-06-04

Industry-First Capabilities for Envelope Tracking for LTE Power-Amplifier & Power-Supply Development 

Press Materials 2013-06-04

Simulating Envelope Tracking with Advanced Design System - Application Note 
This example applies envelope tracking to an example amplifier to show techniques of using Advanced Design System (ADS) for this type of design.

Application Note 2012-11-22