Long Term Evolution:LTEテスト


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AgilentのLTEデザイン/テスト製品のラインナップ - 詳細な解析、高い信頼性



LTE テクノロジーの詳細:LTEテクノロジーの概要








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M9381A & M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Generator - Configuration Guide 
This document provides information for configuring solutions for RF test based on the M9391A PXIe VSA and M9381A PXIe VSG.

構成ガイド 2014-04-03

M9380A PXIe CW Source - Configuration Guide 
This configuration guide provides instructions to help you configure the M9380A PXIe CW Source and expand the system to meet your requirements. Product upgrades, related products and physical connection schematics are also featured.

構成ガイド 2014-03-20

LTE-Advanced キャリア・アグレゲーションの製造テスト要件の理解

アプリケーション・ノート 2014-03-05

E7515A UXM Wireless Test Set - Flyer 
The UXM is a highly integrated signaling test set created for functional & RF design validation in the 4G era & beyond. It delivers LTE-A cat 6 now & will handle increasingly complex cases later.

ブローシャ 2014-03-04

LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation for High-Speed IP Data Throughput  
LTE-A Carrier Aggregation is rapidly emerging as the technology that will bring about a significant improvement in the user experience by delivering a much higher level of data throughput performance.

デモ 2014-02-18

Agilent’s EXM Wireless Test Set Ready for Volume Production of LTE-A, 802.11ac WLAN Devices 
Agilent Technologies today announced the E6640A EXM wireless test set, which offers breakthrough manufacturing-test scalability in technology coverage, performance and capacity to test up to 32 cellular and wireless-connectivity devices in parallel.

プレス資料 2014-02-13

Agilent’s UXM Wireless Test Set Enables New Insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 Chipsets, Devices 
Agilent’s UXM Wireless Test Set Enables New Insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 Chipsets, Devices

プレス資料 2014-02-13

T4010S LTE RFコンフォーマンス/DVテスト・システム 
T4010Sシリーズには、キャリア承認に必要なさまざまなネットワーク・プロバイダ・テスト・プランが用意されており、3GPPで定義されているLTE RFコンフォーマンス・テスト・ケースなどが可能なオールインワンのプラットフォームです。

技術概要 2014-01-31

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set - Configuration Guide  
This configuration guide explains how to order or upgrade the E6640A EXM wireless test set, enabling you to scale the test solution to ramp up rapidly and optimize full-volume manufacturing.

構成ガイド 2013-12-09

Modular for Wireless 
View these videos to learn more about for evolving Wireless test challenges; Agilent is ready to help by sharing its expertise in measurements, PXI modular instrumentation and test automation.

デモ 2013-11-22

Correlating Microwave Measurements between Handheld and Benchtop Analyzers - Application Note 
This application note discusses the powerful capabilities of modern-day handheld analyzers and includes measurement comparisons between FieldFox handheld analyzers and several benchtop instruments.

アプリケーション・ノート 2013-11-17

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set - Flyer  
The EXM wireless test set is scalable to meet your production needs. It delivers the speed, accuracy and port density you need to ramp up rapidly and optimize full-volume manufacturing.

ブローシャ 2013-11-08

Agilent M9391A PXIeベクトル・シグナル・アナライザ 
Agilent M9391A PXIeベクトル・シグナル・アナライザ(PXIVSA)は、1 MHz ~ 6 GHzの周波数レンジをカバーし、M9381APXI VSGとシームレスに動作するモジュール・ソリューションです。PXI VSAとPXI VSGを組み合わせれば、RF製造テスト環境に最適な、高速で高品質な測定を実現する完全なソリューションを構築できます。

競合比較 2013-11-07

Measuring the Burst Time-Gated Power Signal of Wireless Technologies Using Agilent Power Sensors 
Measuring pulse, burst, or modulated signals for wireless technologies such as TDMA, GSM, WLAN, WiMAX, and LTE is very important because it is part of functionality testing and power amplifier module verification during the manufacturing process.

アプリケーション・ノート 2013-07-08


アプリケーション・ノート 2013-06-26

LTE & LTE-Advanced FDD & TDD Modulation Analysis 89600 VSA Software - Technical Overview 
The 89600 VSA software has the capability to analyze LTE-Advanced as well as LTE signals in both FDD and TDD formats.

技術概要 2013-06-19

89600 WLA Software - Technical Overview 
The 89600 WLA software provides wireless link analysis that decodes higher layer control messages and correlates them with the PHY-layer signals they manage.

技術概要 2013-06-08

Agilent Technologies announces 160-MHz bandwidth and real-time capability for MXA signal analyzer 
Agilent Technologies announced significant enhancements to its midrange N9020A MXA X-Series signal analyzer. New options for 160-MHz analysis bandwidth and real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) capability address the challenges of measuring interference in the next generation of heterogeneous wireless networks.

プレス資料 2013-06-04

Agilent Technologies announces industry-first capabilities for envelope tracking  
Agilent Technologies announced two software releases that support the design and verification of envelope tracking, a technique that improves the efficiency and linearity of power amplifiers used in mobile handsets

プレス資料 2013-06-04

Agilent PXT Wireless Communications Test Set Selected by Tri-L Solutions for LTE Over-the-Air Test 
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that Tri-L Solutions Inc. has selected Agilent's PXT wireless communications test set and integrated it with Tri-L Solutions SmarTest measurement software for testing LTE over the air.

プレス資料 2013-04-08

Modular for Cellular Videos 
View these videos to learn more about for evolving Cellular test challenges; Agilent is ready to help by sharing its expertise in measurements, PXI modular instrumentation and test automation.

デモ 2013-02-05


デモ 2013-02-01

AgilentのLTE(Long Term Evolution)に関する新しい書籍では、新しい3GPP LTE携帯電話テクノロジーを詳細に説明し、デザイン、テスト、必要な機器に関するヒントを紹介しています。

プロモーション資料 2013-01-24

N7109A Multi-Channel Signal Analysis System 
The N7109A combines modular N7100 Series measurement hardware with the MIMO capabilities of the industry-leading Agilent 89600B vector signal analysis (VSA) software.

データシート 2013-01-23


デモ 2013-01-08


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