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Wireless LTE Test Equipment

Wireless LTE Test Equipment including ADS, SystemVue, Signal Analyzers, Power Meters & more. For more information on Agilent’s wireless LTE test resources and additional product information please see the LTE Test page and LTE-Advanced Test and Design page

Wireless LTE Test Equipment from Agilent:
Wireless LTE Product LTE Test Equipment Description Wireless LTE Image
Advanced Design System software

The Advanced Design System (ADS) software platform contains a complete set of technologies for RF and microwave circuit and system design and simulation. The wireless libraries available for ADS help shorten product development cycles by building the latest signal formats into ADS for testing and verification ahead of prototyping.

Advanced Design System software Image
SystemVue Baseband & Exploration Verification Libraries

Standards-based PHY libraries, compiled sources, receivers, function blocks, and reference designs that adhere to the physical layer of modern emerging standards.

temVue Baseband & Exploration Verification Libraries Image
SystemVue Design Kits & Application Personalities 

Application personalities and design kits for SystemVue to accomplish deeper analysis and/or implementation tasks, for both RF system architectures and digital hardware design.

 SystemVue Design Kits Agilent

DigRF v4 Protocol Test: RDX (Radio Digital Cross Domain) Solution

RDX (Radio Digital Cross Domain) Solution
The ultimate solution for DigRF testing and characterization, the RDX platform provides a single test environment that helps you validate DigRF v4 protocols under real world conditions. With powerful emulation software and protocol-specific hardware test cards, you can quickly explore a broad range of test cases.
Radio Digital Cross Domain - RDX Solution from Agilent

X-Series Signal Analyzers (PXA, MXA, EXA, CXA)

X-Series Signal Analyzers
X-Series signal analyzers are ready to evolve as technology changes. With upgradeable CPU, memory, disk drives, and I/O ports, you can keep your test assets current and extend instrument longevity.
PXA, MXA, EXA, CXA - X-Series Signal Analyzers
89600 VSA (Vector Signal Analysis) Software

VSA Software
The 89600B vector signal analysis (VSA) software is a window into what’s happening inside complex wireless devices. Our VSA tools provide views of virtually every facet of a problem, helping you see the “why?” behind signal interactions.

 VSA Software Agilent

Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Software

Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Software
A comprehensive set of software measurement applications enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs.
These software applications, specifically created to uncover design problems, are available to extend your analyzer’s capabilities.

 Software Measurement applications - Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Software

Signal Generators

Signal Generators
Agilent offers the widest selection of baseband, RF, and microwave signal generators from baseband to 67 GHz, with frequency extensions to 500 GHz with millimeter-wave source modules.
Signal Generator

Signal Creation - Signal Studio & Embedded Software

Signal Creation - Signal Studio & Embedded Software
Agilent Signal Studio and embedded software is a suite of flexible, easy-to-use, signal creation software that will cut the time you spend on signal simulation. And, with a demonstrated first-to-market track record, Agilent’s signal creation software helps you stay at the forefront of product development as wireless systems continue to evolve.

Signal Studio & Embedded Software

N5106A PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator

PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator
The Agilent N5106A PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator delivers the most current, versatile signal creation and channel emulation capabilities for up to 4x2 MIMO test.

N5106A PXB MIMO Receiver Tester

ENA Series RF Network Analyzers, 9 kHz to 20 GHz

ENA Network Analyzers
The standard ENA expands network analysis with advanced features for multiport and balanced measurements, while the lower cost ENA-L analyzers provide basic S-parameters with an integrated 50 or 75-ohm test set.
 ENA Network Analyzers

PNA Family of Microwave Network Analyzers, 300 kHz to 1.05 THz

PNA Network Analyzers
PNA-L is a general-purpose network analyzer, PNA is suitable for passive and active device test, and PNA-X is Agilent’s highest performance analyzer. Measurements include x/s-parameters, gain, conversion loss, compression, and noise figure.
PNA Network Nalayzers

Logic Analyzers

Logic Analyzer
Provides high-performance and system-level debugging of digital designs. Customize this system for your specific needs with innovative probing, high-performance measurement modules, and post-processing analysis tools.
Logic Analyzer

Agilent Oscilloscopes

Agilent’s selection of scopes ranges from 20 MHz to 80 GHz in a variety of form factors. Use the select and compare tables to choose the right scope for your application.
Oscilloscopes from Agilent - scopes ranges from 20MHz to 80MHz

66300 Series mobile communications DC source

66300 series mobile communications DC source
Power consumption and battery operation are critical parameters of LTE-enabled device design and test. Simulate Ni-Cad, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer batteries with these fast response DC sources. Precision µA, mA measurements included. 
66300 Series mobile communications DC source

14565B device characterization software

14565B Device Characterization Software
Graphical interface for the 66300-series DC sources. When used with the 66319B/D or 66321B/D, you can log current drain measurements and perform statistical CCDF analysis. New capability allows you to automate current drain measurements with RF and DUT activity.
14565B Device Characterization Software

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies
Whether your device needs a quick check or a detailed assessment, ensure great measurements with the precision, reliability and flexibility of Agilent DC power supplies.
DC Power Supply

P Series and EPM Series power meters

Power Meters
The Agilent P-Series power meters provide wideband (30 MHz video bandwidth) peak, average, peak-to-average ratio, maximum power, minimum power, rise time, fall time and statistical (CCDF, PDF) measurements. The EPM power meters provide CW and average power measurements. The EPM-P power meters provide peak, average, peak-to-average ration, and time-gated power measurements.
Power Meters - EPM power meters

E6621A PXT Wireless Communications Test Set

Wireless Communications Test Set
LTE test set for protocol, functional, throughput and RF measurements while on connection. Protocol logging and analysis plus full flexibility with LTE message editor application options.
E6621A PXT Wireless Communication Test Set
T4110S LTE Protocol Test System T4110S LTE Protocol Test System
The T4110S LTE Protocol Tester is the Agilent platform for LTE Protocol conformance testing of LTE UEs. T4110S belongs to the Agilent LTE product family and, as the other LTE T4000S test platforms, is based on the T2010A LTE Wireless Communications Test Set.
E5515C 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set Wireless communications Test Set
The wireless test set with the necessary depth of features in all major 2G & 3G technologies. The 8960 is your one-box test family of solutions for wireless device development, manufacturing and repair - today and tomorrow.
E5515C 8960

GS-8800 Series RF Design Verification and Conformance Test systems

RF Design Verification and Conformance Test system
The Agilent GS-8800 is a series of scalable test systems built on the 8960 wireless communications test set, covering LTE device design verification, conformance, and manufacturing test needs.

 RF Design Verification and Communication Test System

Handheld and Portable RF Test Tools

Handheld and Portable RF Test Tools
The portable and battery operated handheld cable and antenna testers, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers are optimized to make measurements in the field. Applications include line sweeping, interference analysis, distance- to- fault measurement, spectrum analysis and digital signal demodulation. These instruments are lightweight, easy to use and can be operated using rechargeable batteries
RF Analyzer Image

PXI Modular Products & Systems

PXI Modular Products & Systems
For your data acquisition or automated test applications, Agilent modular instrumentation is an extension of Agilent’s measurement expertise into modular form factors

 PXI Vector Signal Analyzer
EXT Wireless Communications Test Set

Wireless Communications Test Set
The EXT is a one-box test set integrating an innovative test sequencer, vector signal analyzer, vector signal generator, and multi-port RF hardware in a single box for non-signaling test in cellular and wireless device manufacturing.

 Wireless Communications Test Set Agilent