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Fibre Channel Videos

Whether you're designing devices for the storage network or managing and testing an ever growing Storage Area Network, let Agilent’s 1730 Series Fibre Channel Test Solution and its advanced test capabilities increase your troubleshooting efficiency today and tomorrow.

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The whole video (12 mins) Agilent Fibre Channel Solutions

Agilent Fibre Channel Solutions Video Streaming

fc video screen shot

Individual Chapters


Chapter 1: Introduction (1 min)

Introduction Video Streaming

Chapter 2: Trigger Engine (2 mins)

Trigger Engine Video Streaming

Chapter 3: Visualization (2 mins)

Visualization Video Streaming

Chapter 4: Search and Filter (1 min)

Search and Filter Video Streaming

Chapter 5: Post Analysis (2 mins)

Post Analysis Video Streaming

Chapter 6: Agilent Test Platform (2 mins)

Agilent Test Platform Video Streaming