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Automotive Radar Test



Automotive Radar Test

Achieve high volume, comprehensive RF testing of automotive radar systems

The validation of automotive radar systems used in applications such as blind spot detection, collision avoidance and intelligent cruise control requires comprehensive RF testing. When combined with the need to produce devices in ultra-high volume this presents unique manufacturing test challenges to automotive suppliers.

The Konrad Technologies KT-319000 Automotive Radar Test System combines in-circuit and functional test techniques to optimize the test procedures for performance and throughput. During functional test the DUT is mounted in a purpose designed RF chamber that can rotate the device-under-test through 180o. This allows it to be characterized under the real-world conditions that would be encountered when installed in a vehicle. The test system uses Agilent Technologies’ RF signal generators, power meters and power supplies, which are fully integrated with the RF chamber, the DUT interfaces and Konrad’s proprietary software.

With Konrad’s KT-319000 Automotive Radar Test System you can achieve comprehensive RF testing of your radar devices with the throughput required to meet the high volumes demanded by the automotive industry.

  • Automotive radar test system
  • Addresses needs of high volume manufacturers
  • Combines in-circuit and functional test facilities
  • Includes RF chamber for shielded measurements on radar devices
  • Chamber can be rotated to simulate real-world operating conditions
  • Uses Agilent RF signal generators, power meters and power supplies
  • Achieves comprehensive RF testing with high throughput

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Automotive Radar Testing 
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