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X-Series Signal Analyzer and Measurement Application Enhancements

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X-Series signal analyzers are ready to evolve as technology changes. With upgradable hardware and license-key upgrades for adding functionality or applications, you can keep your test assets current and extend instrument longevity.

New X-Series signal analyzer enhancements

Real-time spectrum analysis

  • Provides new levels of performance, flexibility, and usability
  • Optional on new or existing PXA or MXA with license key upgrade

Phase noise improvements

  • MXA: Best-in-class phase noise performance is improved by 10 dB or more for close-in and pedestal offset frequencies
  • EXA: Up to 5 dB improvement across wide offsets

160 MHz analysis bandwidth

  • For the wider transmission bandwidth requirements of LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac
  • Optional on the PXA and MXA

Sweep speed

  • Up to 50 times faster than X-Series signal analyzers without Option FS1 – significantly improves spur search speeds across wide frequency spans
  • Standard on all new PXAs and upgradable on existing PXAs
  • Standard on new MXAs and EXAs with specified options and upgradable on existing MXAs and EXAs

Windows 7

  • Standard on PXA, MXA, and EXA

89600 VSA connectivity

  • Provides deeper analysis and thorough characterization of complex signals
  • Optional on the PXA and MXA

Internal preamplifiers cover 13.6 GHz and 26.5 GHz 

  • Offers the best sensitivity in the microwave frequency range
  • Optional on the EXA

X-Series measurement applications

  • N9069A noise figure measurement application adds Option 2FP to provide Manual mode, external LO control, and measurement of frequency-converting devices, including multi-stage converters, and adds Option AFP to provide a meter and strip chart for tuning and compatibility with NFA displays.
  • N9080A/N9082A LTE FDD/TDD measurement applications now support multimedia broadcast single frequency network (MBSFN) with a mixed cyclic prefix frame structure.
  • N9083A MSR measurement application now supports non-contiguous test configurations (NTCs) as defined in 3GPP Release 10, enabling cumulative adjacent channel leakage ratio (CACLR) measurement. 

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