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S-Parameter Measurements on Multiport Devices



S-Parameter Measurements on Multiport Devices

Reduce the time to measure the S-parameters of your high pin count multiport devices

When measuring the S-parameters of multiport devices you have to reconfigure the connections from the vector network analyzer to the device-under-test (DUT). Automated switch matrices allow a single set of connections to be used however, for devices with many ports measuring and labeling all combinations of S-parameters can be a significant challenge.

The MPTS 388 automated test system from In-Phase Technologies utilizes a high pin count switching matrix to automatically configure S-parameter measurements for devices with up to 216 ports. The test system employs a modular design in which 2 x 36 low-loss switch matrices in the test head are connected to a 2 x 12 port chassis, and then to a vector network analyzer. The test system can be used with Agilent Technologies microwave vector network analyzers including the PNA and PNA-X instruments.

Proprietary software controls the switching, coordinates the measurements and acquires and formats the test data to provide results in your own naming convention. When matched with an Agilent vector network analyzer the In-Phase MPTS 388 test system allows you to reduce dramatically the time to measure the S-parameters of your high pin count multiport microwave devices.

  • S-parameter measurements on high pin count multiport devices
  • Switching matrix allows automatic reconfiguration of connections
  • Test system handles high pin count devices with up to 216 ports
  • Works with Agilent PNA or PNA-X microwave network analyzer
  • Proprietary software for automated control
  • Software allows user-defined naming conventions
  • Reduces time to measure S-parameters on multiport devices

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, In-Phase, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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S-Parameter Measurements on Multiport Devices 
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