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Can I install the Infiniium Help system on my PC?

Yes. You may download the Help file for your model of Infiniium and install it on your PC’s hard drive for easy access.

First, search for Infiniium Help on the Agilent web site to locate the help file for your model of Infiniium. Next, follow the instructions for installing the Help file to your hard drive.

Although not indicated in the instructions, the Help files will install on Microsoft® Windows 2000 and XP as well as Windows 95/98/NT.

For easier access to the Help file, add a shortcut to your Desktop or Start menu. The following is an example of how to add a shortcut to the Start menu.

  1. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the Help file (e.g. C:\scope\bin\agilent5483x.chm) and select Create Shortcut.
  2. Rename the shortcut if desired (e.g. “5483x Help”).
  3. Hit Ctrl+X on the keyboard to cut the shortcut and place it on the clipboard.
  4. Right-click Start and select Explore
  5. Double-click Programs
  6. Select File | New | Folder and name the folder Agilent Infiniium Help
  7. Double-click on Agilent Infiniium Help and hit Ctrl+V to paste the shortcut into the folder.
  8. Now you can access the Help system by navigating to Start | Programs | Agilent Infiniium Help. If you use scopes from different Infiniium families, place shortcuts to each Help file under Agilent Infiniium Help.

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