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Take a 360 degree tour of your purchase decision

There's a big difference between a product's price and its value. If you're only looking at the initial purchase price, then you're not making an informed decision!

  • It's time to look beyond initial purchase price to account for Total Cost of Ownership over the complete instrument lifecycle
  • It's time to look beyond the specs of a product and recognize broader value attributes that distinguish a product as the best long-term solution
  • It's time to get the most for your money by making a well informed decision

Learn more about the additional value our products provide so that you can make a fully-informed, 360 degree purchase decision.


More About Agilent Quality

Agilent Advantage – True Measure of Quality 
We continually invest in technologies and best practices to make Agilent products and services the true measure of quality. These investments occur in six key areas, which we call the Agilent Advantage.

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Agilent Advantage Highlights 
See how the Agilent Advantage is evolving now.

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