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Real-Time Printed Circuit Board EMC Measurement



Real-Time Printed Circuit Board EMC Measurement

Diagnose PCB Electromagnetic Compatibility problems fast with real-time measurements

Finding, characterizing and resolving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems on printed circuit boards is a persistent design challenge for PCB engineers. Pre-compliance testing is essential to identify causes of electromagnetic interference (EMI) such as faulty components and traces.

EMxpert from EMSCAN allows you to visualize the cause of electromagnetic interference on PCBs in real-time. The system comprises EMSCAN’s patented scanner module, a spectrum analyzer and a computer running the EMxpert software. Spectral scanning of the PCB under test will quickly identify suspect frequencies while spatial scanning will align these to the physical characteristics of the board. The EMxpert software provides powerful visualization and analysis tools that allows you to overlay the RF data onto the PCB.

EMxpert can be used with a wide range of Agilent Technologies spectrum analyzers, including the N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer, the N9340B and the E4402B ESA-E Series. EMxpert, when used with an Agilent Technologies spectrum analyzer, allows you to diagnose your PCB design problems rapidly and cost effectively, accelerating your time to market and reducing your EMC pre-compliance test costs.

  • Printed circuit board electromagnetic compatibility measurements
  • Identify causes of electromagnetic interference in real-time
  • PCB pre-compliance testing minimizes re-design and re-work
  • Uses EMSCAN’s patented scanner module and software with Agilent spectrum analyzers
  • Spectral scanning identifies suspect frequencies
  • Spatial scanning identifies source of interference
  • Visualization software overlays RF data on physical PCB for rapid problem solving
  • Reduces test time and number of design cycles

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Real-Time Printed Circuit Board EMC Measurement 
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