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RF Communications Jamming



RF Communications Jamming

Improve the effectiveness of your communications jamming solutions with RF capture and playback

The development of effective communications jamming solutions in applications such as IED countermeasures requires the analysis of the complex RF environment that exists when a multiplicity of communications systems is in operation. By using RF capture you can analyze the RF environment in detail so that the correct decisions can be made on the required signal to noise ratio, the optimum waveforms to use and the mechanisms by which detonation signals can be jammed.

An integrated RF capture/playback solution from Agilent Technologies and X-COM Systems allows the long-term capture and storage of RF data for later playback and analysis. The solution comprises an Agilent N9030A PXA spectrum analyzer together with an X-COM IQC5000A dual channel, long duration spectrum capture and playback system. Together, these provide a unique approach to the challenge of recording, analyzing and creating new waveforms in complex RF environments.

With an RF capture solution from Agilent and X-COM you can record and analyze the components of a complex RF environment over a long period of time so you can develop an optimum communications jamming strategy.

  • IED countermeasures require effective radio frequency jamming
  • RF capture can monitor complex RF operation environment
  • Analysis of RF capture data allows optimum design decisions to be made
  • Agilent PXA spectrum analyzer with X-COM IQC5000A spectrum capture/playback
  • Spectrum can be replayed via Agilent vector signal generator
  • Achieve optimum communications jamming for IED countermeasures

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, X-COM, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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RF Communications Jamming 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with X-COM on RF communications jamming

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