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Broad Set of Alternative Supported Lab Standards

Ensure that you have the Lab Standards Needed

Before you order the license options, please ensure that your lab has the lab standards needed to perform automated performance tests. Or, if you prefer to run a subset of the performance tests, you only need the lab standards for the tests you will run. Within the Help text, you can view the recommended equipment for each specific performance test or adjustment.             


Covered Instruments
Product Models Required test equipment, supported alternatives, & online Help
Signal Analyzers    
ESA spectrum analyzers E4401B, E4402B, E4403B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B, E4408B, E4411B, E7401A, E7402A, E7403A, E7404A, E7405A   ESA Help
PSA spectrum analyzers E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A, N5531S   PSA Help
EMI RF Preselector N9039A   EMI Help
VSA vector signal analyzer E4406A   VSA Help
896xx VSA series 89610A, 89611A, 89640A, 89641A, 89600S   896xx Help
CSA spectrum analyzer N1996A   CSA Help
X-Series signal analyzers N9000A, N9010A, N9020A, N9030A   X-Series Help
NFA noise figure N8972A, N8973A, N8974A, N8975A   NFA Help
Signal Sources    
PSG signal generators E8241A, E8244A, E8247C, E8251A, E8254A, E8257C, E8257D, E8267C, E8267D, E8257N   PSG Help
ESG-B signal generators E4400B, E4420B, E4421B, E4422B, E4423B, E4424B, E4425B, E4426B, E4430B, E4431B, E4432B, E4433B, E4434B, E4435B, E4436B, E4437B   ESG-B Help
ESG-C signal generators E4428C, E4438C   ESG-C Help
MXG signal generators N5161A, N5162A, N5181A, N5182A, N5183A   MXG Help
PXB MIMO receiver test N5106A   PXB Help
E8663B signal generator E8663B   E8663B Help
Network Analyzers    
PNA network analyzers E8356A, E8357A, E8358A, E8361A, E8661C, E8362A, E8362B, E8362C, E8363A, E8363B, E8363C, E8364A, E8364B, E8364C, E8801A, E8802A, E8803A, N3381A, N2282A, N3383A, N5230A, N5230C, N5241A, N5242A, N5244A, N5245A   PNA Help
FieldFox RF analyzer N9912A   N9912A Help
Infiniium 90000 oscilloscopes DSO series 90254A, 90404A, 90604A, 90804A, 91204A, 91304A, and DSA series 90254A, 90404A, 90604A, 90804A, 91204A, 91304A   Infiniium Help
Power Sensors and Meters    
P-series power meters N1911A, N1912A, N1913A, N1914A   P-series Help
Power sensors 8481A, 8482A, 8485A, 8485D, 8487A, E9304A, E9304A Opt H18, N8481A, N8481B, N8481H, N8482A, N8482B, N8482H, N8485A, N8486AR, N8486AQ, N8487A   Power Sensors Help
U2000-series power sensors U2000A, U2000B, U2000H, U2001A, U2002A, U2002B, U2002H, U2004A, U2004H, U2004A   U2000-series Help
N5532A power sensor N5532A   N5532A Help
Wireless Communications    
Wireless Communications test set E6601A   E6601A Help
Wireless Connectivity test set N4010A   N4010A Help
Wireless Networking test set N8300A   N8300A Help
Mobile WiMax test set E6651A   E6651A Help
Synthetic Instruments    
Upconverters N8211A, N8212A   Upconverter Help
Downconverter N8201A   Downconverter Help
USB Modular function generator U2761A   U2761A Help
USB Modular source measure units U2722A, U2723A   Help