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Magnetic Material Characterization


Magnetic Material Characterization

Characterize the magnetic properties of your microwave magnetic devices with a vector network analyzer

When designing high performance microwave magnetic devices the most important high frequency magnetic material parameters to be measured are: complex permeability; ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) relaxation coefficient, g-factor and FMR linewidth.

A new compact and easy-to-use system from KEYCOM allows the measurement of all of these parameters. The magnetic measurement system uses a shielded, shorted microstrip line test fixture connected to a vector network analyzer. The system can be used with Agilent Technologies PNA and ENA series vector network analyzers. The KEYCOM system operates in the frequency range 100 MHz to 14 GHz and can accommodate specimens of 3mm (14 GHz), 5mm (10 GHz) and 10mm (5 GHz) by 0.5mm deep. It supports a perpendicular magnetic field of between 500 and 4000 Oersted (Oe) and an in-plane magnetic field of up to 1000 Oe. All measured results can be stored for later analysis.

KEYCOM’s magnetic materials measurement system, when used with the Agilent PNA or ENA vector network analyzers, allows you to achieve full characterization of the magnetic materials used in your microwave devices, simply and easily.

  • Characterize the properties of magnetic materials
  • Measure complex permeability and FMR characteristics
  • Simple and easy vector network analyzer-based measurements
  • Shorted microstrip line test fixtures support up to 10mm specimen size
  • Frequency range 100 MHz to 14 GHz
  • Used with Agilent PNA and ENA vector network analyzers

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, KEYCOM, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Magnetic Material Characterization 
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