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Agilent RF & Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program

The RF & Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program creates a collaboration between universities and industry to recognize and acknowledge students that have demonstrated RF/MW design and measurement expertise.

RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program

“Nearly two dozen of the top engineering universities in the US and Canada are participating in the program,” said Mark Pierpoint, vice president and general manager Agilent’s Software and Modular Solutions Division. “The curriculum and labs at each university focuses on the design, building, measurement and analysis of RF/MW components to help students gain real-world understanding in design and measurement techniques. Students completing the program receive recognition as qualified Agilent RF/MW Industry-Ready Students.”

The certification program demonstrates immediate value to prospective employers and confirms each university’s interest in preparing students for future industry contribution. The Agilent RF/MW Industry-Ready Student Certification Program uses Agilent EEsof software design tools and instruments. Certification requirements include:

  • Passing the RF/MW design course and lab.
  • Completing the required hours of Agilent EEsof design tools use.
  • Completing the required use of Agilent instruments while learning key fundamentals for accurate RF calibration and measurement.
  • Nomination by a university professor for certification.
  • Passing a final hands-on test, demonstrating aptitude in the subject matter.

A key component of this student certification program is the use of Agilent's RF & Microwave design environment, a comprehensive workflow to simulate, measure, and analyze communications components and systems using Agilent EEsof’s industry proven design tools and high performance RF/MW measurement instruments.

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  • Agilent Technologies Announces RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program (November 5, 2013)

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