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LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD Signal Studio and Test Case Manager Software Enhancements

Enhancements to the LTE-Advanced Signal Studio Software

N7624B and N7625B are compliant to the 3GPP Release 10 standard, enabling test of UE and eNB receivers with fully coded waveforms.

Envelope tracking PA and power supply test features:

  • Add Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) to an IQ Waveform
  • Import custom waveform files
  • Support the 3362xA AWG

LTE-Advanced FDD and TDD features:

  • Uplink 4x4 MIMO with UL TM2
  • DCI updates to support R10
  • Shorter waveform generation

Enhancements to Test Case Manager (TCM) Software

N7649B Test Case Manager software helps configure signal generators and the Signal Studio software to implement FDD and TDD LTE eNB receiver testing based on the 3GPP TS36.141 standard.

With new enhancements to support Chapter 8 LTE eNB performance testing, the TCM software, working with corresponding hardware, can fully support 3GPP TS36.141 chapter 7 and chapter 8 configurations.

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