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High Power On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements



High Power On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements

Impedance match your High Power Gallium Nitride HFETs with On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements

Impedance matching gallium nitride (GaN) HFETs is essential to ensure that your high-power amplifier designs operate at the highest efficiency. By performing high power, high frequency, on-wafer load pull measurements on your GaN HFETs you can design the optimum impedance matching circuits for your amplifiers.

The bsw OWLP-2 test system combines an Agilent PNA-X network analyzer with tuners from Maury Microwave, high-power amplifiers and a wafer prober from Cascade to create a fully integrated system for on-wafer, high-power load pull measurements of GaN HFETs up to 26.5 GHz. The system can be used to measure S-parameters and intermodulation across the entire frequency range.

The bsw OWLP-2 provides a fully integrated solution that allows you to make on-wafer, high-power load pull and intermodulation measurements. With the OWLP-2 you can achieve high efficiency in your amplifier designs by accurately impedance matching your high power GaN HFETs circuits.

  • On-wafer load pull measurements for accurate impedance matching
  • Characterizes high-power gallium nitride HFETs
  • Optimize the performance of high-power, high-efficiency amplifiers
  • Fully integrated solution based on Agilent PNA-X network analyzer
  • Combines PNA-X with Maury tuners and Cascade wafer prober
  • Test system integration optimizes DUT signal paths
  • Measurement & control software provides overall control
  • Load pull and intermodulation measurements with same setup

Request more information and Agilent’s partner bsw TestSystems will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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High-Power On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with bsw TestSystems on high-power on-wafer load pull measurements

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