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Location Sensing Measurements



Location Sensing Measurements

Add location data to your measurements without GPS

When outdoors, location sensing measurements typically involve the use of GPS in drive test or handheld systems. However, these systems may be too imprecise, unavailable or impractical when indoors, underground or in heavily shielded environments. SkyMark has created an alternative with the TrailMapper location sensing cart.

The TrailMapper system comprises a transportable cart, instrumentation and a laptop or tablet computer. As the cart is wheeled around an area, rotary encoders and an optional inertial measurement unit track the distance and direction of travel. This information is sent to the TrailMapper software, where it is processed and stored. For surveying a wireless network an Agilent N9342C handheld spectrum analyzer can be used. The spectrum analyzer is configured to make continuous RF sweeps, and as the measurements are made, the sweep data is time stamped and stored with the location data. The data can be viewed on the floor plan in real time with color codes set for different threshold levels.

With the TrailMapper system from SkyMark interfaced to Agilent instruments you have a viable and practical alternative for adding location data to your critical environmental measurements.

  • Location sensing without GPS
  • Used in shielded environments, indoors or underground
  • Instrument cart with rotary encoders and IMU
  • Encoders track distance and direction of travel
  • TrailMapper software adds location data to measurements
  • Results viewed on floor plan with color coded thresholds
  • Used with Agilent instrumentation
  • Adds location data to environmental measurements

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, SkyMark, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Location-Specific Measurements 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with SkyMark.

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