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RF Interference Troubleshooting



RF Interference Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your RF interference and jamming problems with advanced RF editor and playback solutions

Troubleshooting RF interference is complicated by the intermittent and transient nature of the offending RF signals. The RF Editor software and IQC5000A spectrum capture & playback system from X-COM Systems allows you to capture, edit or create an RF spectrum to test the susceptibility of your products to RF interference and jamming during design or evaluation.

The light weight (8 lb) and very small footprint (12" x 10.5" x 3.5") of the IQC5000A make it ideal for field use and the recording of “in situ” spectrum activity. The recorded files can be added to spectrum created mathematically on your personal computer and then transferred to a data pack. The files can then be played back by the IQC5000A through its analog I & Q outputs to an Agilent vector signal generator, such as a PSG, MXG or ESG, to allow over-the-air (OTA) testing of your products.

The X-COM RF Editor when used with the IQC5000A and an Agilent vector signal generator allows you to compile and playback RF spectra that are combinations of created and recorded waveforms. As a result you can optimize their performance when deployed and minimize the cost of troubleshooting in the field.

  • Test susceptibility to RF interference or jamming before deployment
  • X-COM RF Editor software allows you to create RF interference or jamming spectra
  • Spectrum can be compiled from in-situ recordings or created waveforms
  • Data pack and X-COM IQC5000A store and playback analog I & Q signals
  • Agilent PSG, MXG or ESG vector signal generators provide OTA playback
  • Optimize your product performance to minimize troubleshooting in the field

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, X-COM, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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RF Interference Troubleshooting 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with X-COM on RF interference troubleshooting

Brochure 2013-04-09

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Streaming, Analysis and Playback of RF Interference Signals in AD Applications 
Streaming, Analysis and Playback of RF Interference Signals in Aerospace and Defense Applications –looks at countering undesirable signals using a system based on COTS hardware and software when intentional interference is created to disrupt the operation of a victim receiver.

Application Note 2013-03-15