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Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements


Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements

Characterize your antennas completely with spherical near-field measurements

Spherical near-field measurements allow the complete characterization of antenna designs. To perform the near-field measurements the antenna under test is rotated in two axes while a fixed probe measures the field data over the spherical surface.

The 700S-30 spherical near-field scanner from Nearfield Systems Inc. (NSI) provides the mechanism for positioning accurately both the antenna and the test probe while performing the measurements. The 700S-30 uses a dual axis phi-over-theta high accuracy stepper motor to position the antenna under test. It allows full spherical 360º phi/theta rotation of the antenna, with a resolution of 0.0125º in both axes and a rotational speed of 20º per second.

In order to measure the antenna performance the 700S-30 can be interfaced to a variety of Agilent Technologies RF and microwave test equipment including the PNA series microwave network analyzers. With the 700S-30 spherical near-field scanner interfaced to an Agilent PNA you can characterize your antenna design accurately and completely.

  • Small spherical near-field scanners for complete antenna characterization
  • Positions the antenna-under-test and probe for accurate measurements
  • High accuracy, dual axis, phi-over-theta stepper motor to position antenna
  • Allows full spherical 360º phi/theta rotation at 20º per second
  • Modular high strength aluminum construction supports up to 40 Kg
  • Software allows automatic scanner set-up based on measurement parameters
  • Used with Agilent PNA network analyzers

Request more information and Agilent’s partner, NSI, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements 
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