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Learn about the latest i3070 ICT productivity tools from us, DeMille Research, and Derby Associates

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DeMille Research Inc.'s TestSight Developer software runs on Agilent’s Medalist i3070 and i1000 in-circuit testers (ICTs) to help you maximize effectiveness and minimize life-cycle costs of your ICT systems.

Learn how to pair TestSight Developer with your Agilent ICT to efficiently import and convert raw CAD data into ICT input files, lower your test development costs and obtain superior analytics for making informed test process decisions.

The Agilent i3070's comprehensive data logging features make this tester an excellent real-time monitor of process and product quality, and now there is a new and effective way of leveraging this capability. Introducing Web-PBQ from Derby Associates, a web-based quality tool for the Agilent i3070.

Web-PBQ runs on the Agilent i3070 PC controller and uses the built-in data logging capabilities of the tester, so no additional hardware or IT resources are required. "Simply load Web-PBQ, switch on data logging and start generating information."

Web-PBQ provides a simple, fast and effective way to turn Agilent i3070 test data into real-time information that can be used to improve test workcell performance and quality management on the shop floor.

Who should attend:
ICT test engineers; 3070, i3070 installed base

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