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Nonlinear Characterization and Modeling Through Pulsed IV/S-Parameters

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What is the Webcast About?
Amplifier designers have been making use of modern transistor models since their first appearance in the mid-1970s. Models have allowed engineers to create advanced designs with first-pass success without the need for multiple prototypes and design iterations. Compact transistor models, based on measured IV and S-Parameters, allow designers to shift focus from transistor designs to circuit designs. Extracted from quasi-isothermal pulsed IV and pulsed S-Parameter data and validated with load pull characterization, compact transistor models contain a reduced set of parameters. Unlike other model types, compact models take into account complex phenomena such as electro-thermal and trapping effects. For simulations under nonlinear operating conditions, responses to complex modulated signals (such as EVM or ACPR) are accurately predicted as low-frequency and high-frequency memory effects are taken into account. Compact transistor models are ideal for die-level applications, as developing such a model from IV and S-Parameters is straightforward and relatively quick. During this webcast you will learn and see examples of the design flow from Pulsed IV and Pulsed S-Parameters to Compact Transistor Models.

Who Should View this Webcast?
Semiconductor Fabs, Fabless Semiconductor Designers, Transistor Designers, Modeling Engineers, Amplifier Designers, Gallium Nitride (GaN) Users.

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