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PXI, AXIe, DAQ and Modular Solutions Webcast Series

Bring Agilent expertise to your desk by registering for our web seminars. You will be able to attend a one-hour session delivered by an Agilent expert and learn the new techniques and tips to optimise and/or improve the performance of your device or software. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to directly address your questions to the presenter and panelists of the web seminar. Once the session is over, you will receive a link with the recording of the web seminar, which you will be able to view at your convenience and/or forward to your colleagues or clients.

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 Recorded, On-Demand Webcasts

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Driving Down Test Cost, Schedule & Risk with Smart Switching

Original broadcast May 30, 2012

This webcast will cover the fundamentals that make switching the heart of any test system. Topics will include the basics such as which switch types and topologies to consider for your specific application to more advanced topics such as optimizing throughput, managing switch system lifespan and designing for signal integrity. Within signal integrity, a close examination will demonstrate how to better meet bandwidth, noise and crosstalk targets. Finally real-world examples will be used to demonstrate how flexible, supportable switching systems can drive down test system cost, schedule and risk.

Top Considerations to Integrating a PXI Automated Test System

Original broadcast April 24, 2012

Knowing how to integrate PXI instruments into an existing automated test system will be paramount to meeting your organization’s challenges. This seminar discusses some of the top considerations for such systems. Topics will include key system components and switching architectures in PXI as well as how to optimize throughput. The webcast will also address using IVI drivers to assemble a test quickly using LabVIEW, C/C++ or Visual Basic.

The Importance and Value of PXI Multi-vendor Interoperability

Original broadcast March 28, 2012

The strength of PXI lies in its widespread adoption as an open multi-vendor technology platform for test and measurement. In this seminar you will learn more about how the requirements of the PXI Standard create the framework of interoperability between modules/controllers/chassis designs from the variety of vendors building PXI and PXI Express instruments. You will also see examples of interoperability between leading PXI instrument providers

Digitizer Design Fundamentals for Superior Measurements

Original broadcast March 21, 2012

Digitizers are more than banners specs, such as bandwidth and sample rate. There are numbers of important factors that will influence the quality of your signal measurements. During this web seminar, experts will review digitizers' fundamentals, explain how each building block in various architectures will influence measurements, and help you optimize the quality of your high speed signal measurements.

Tools and Tips for Ensuring Reliable Sensor Measurements and Logging Systems


Original broacast March 20,2012

This webcast discusses common sources of error and noise on transducers and how to avoid them. You will explore techniques for making reliable sensor measurements and learn to use Agilent Command Expert, a free software application to help you setup measurement logging systems in your programming language of choice. The goal being to arm you with the tools and confidence needed to achieve high-quality reliable sensor.

Optimizing PXI Modular Functional Test System Throughput

Original broadcast April 27, 2011

Reducing overall test time in high volume electronic manufacturing sites is critical to meeting manufacturing capacity and cost targets. Optimizing throughput, while not sacrificing test coverage or production yield, is essential to retaining a competitive edge.

Best-in-class manufacturers use statistical methods during test system development to achieve high throughput without compromising test coverage or test yields. During test system development, statistically based Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility studies are used to verify the stability of the test methods and test system. After establishing a reliable and repeatable test, methods to optimize throughput can be explored. The statistical methods can be used again to verify test throughput optimization will not impact test yields.

This Webcast will explore these statistical methods used during electronic functional test development and deployment to help the test engineer achieve accurate, reliable results.