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ATE System Refresh / Upgrade...An Implementation "Monster". Can it be "tamed"?

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The passage-of-time will inevitably compromise a test system's ability to provide decision-making information. Upgrades, enhancements, migration &/or modernization may be needed for new measurement capabilities, increased test speed, or to address test efficiency / maintenance / obsolescence issues. But how can the risks associated with software/test program set (TPS) migration and test system / process change be addressed?

• What are the most-important ATE system refresh considerations?
• What are the options for addressing hardware obsolescence / upgrade?
• Can modernization be accomplished without system re-validation?
• Am I "stuck" if I can't touch the Test Program Software? Can TPS re-certification be avoided?
• How can one best segment & prioritize such an implementation? Can I upgrade in "pieces", or must it be done "all at once"? What is a representative scenario?
• How may the opportunity cost-of-improvements be compared to the status quo?
• Can expected barriers-to-change be addressed? How?
• What are the risks of foregoing modernization? What are the probable benefits?
• What are typical ROIs? Which factors should be considered?
• Can the potential risks of migration be minimized while simultaneously maximizing test system performance / effectiveness? How?
• What is a typical effect of system modernization upon productivity?

ATE experts from both AGILENT and WINSOFT will share their knowledge, combined expertise and experience regarding these and other questions that many companies now face. Attendees will learn about developing & applying appropriate success factors to a well-conceived modernization program. Assessment of modernization barriers & benefits and business cycle considerations (that impact migration benefits and "drivers" of change) will be described. An approach that can leverage both technical & financial opportunities, minimize disruptions, and maximize test-system efficiency / performance & readiness will be described. Assessing financial & technical tradeoffs to create a realistic business case (sometimes with unexpected benefits) will also be discussed.

• Ehud Shany, President/CEO Winsoft Inc.
• Duane Lowenstein, Business Development Manager, Agilent Technologies

Who should attend:
Engineers, Engineering Management, Engineering & Operations Executives with operation & maintenance responsibilities for aging/legacy ATE System assets. Chief Operations Officer, VP of Supply Chain, Equipment Managers, Calibration Managers, Program Managers/Directors, Engineering Managers/Directors, Production Managers, Operations Managers, Test Managers, ATE Managers, Depot Test Managers, Depot Test Engineers.

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