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New impedance measurement solutions & apps using 5 Hz to 3 GHz VNA

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Characterizing electronic components and circuits becomes more important to design high-reliability products. For that reason, engineers are confronted with challenges such as evaluate broad frequency range from near-DC to RF, reduce test cost and measurement time.
Corresponding to the situation and requirement, we do offer a new impedance measurement solutions and applications using the LF-RF VNA (E5061B-3L5) with impedance analysis option (Option 005).

This webcast focuses on impedance measurements, and presents what’s new with and how to use the LF-RF VNA which covers wide frequency and impedance range: 5 Hz to 3 GHz, milliohm to high-impedance. Also, we provide some typical application examples with measurement tips for evaluating passive components used in electronic circuits / equipments, and characterizing power distribution network (PDN) components for power integrity (PI).

Who should view this webcast:
Engineers working on analog circuits and power management circuits of electronic equipment and systems in various industrial fields, including computer, automotive, medical, aerospace & defense, and so on; passive components such as capacitors, inductors / transducers, resonators and/or PDN components such as by-pass capacitors, DC-DC converters, PCBs.
Also, anyone currently using old-style impedance analyzers and/or combination analyzers such as 4192A / 4194A / 4195A / 4395A, and looking for a replacement would find this seminar of great interest.

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