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Characterize and Correct for Cable, Switch and Test Fixture Loss Using Only a High-Bandwidth Scope

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Probes, cables, switches and test fixtures have inherent loss and variation, especially when making high-bandwidth signal integrity measurements with an oscilloscope. The loss and variation at times can be substantial and should be corrected out in order to make the most accurate measurement.

Agilent’s PrecisionProbe (available for Agilent’s Infiniium high performance, real-time oscilloscopes) solves these measurement challenges by allowing you to quickly characterize and correct for the above inherent losses and variations, without the use of expensive equipment such as VNA or TDR.

This webcast will teach a new methodology for characterizing test setups, and show ways that users can quickly correct for loss and variation in order to make the most accurate signal integrity measurements using a high-performance real-time oscilloscope.

Who should view this webcast
Engineers and technicians in the high-technology industry who use high-bandwidth, real-time oscilloscopes and wish to make their most accurate measurements.

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