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Making 900 MHz Wideband Measurements Using PXA SA and VSA Software

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Many applications in digital communications and radar require demodulation and analysis of wideband signals in the microwave region. Some of these applications can be handled by using a modern wideband oscilloscope such , as Agilent Inifiniium Series Oscilloscopes, to directly digitize a signal at RF for analysis with the Agilent 89601B Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) software. However, many times it is more convenient and economical to use a broadband downconverter or tuner to translate the desired microwave signal down to an intermediate frequency (IF) prior to digitization with an oscilloscope for subsequent VSA analysis.

This presentation discusses the use of the PXA series signal analyzer as a tunable downconverter with an Infiniium oscilloscope digitizing front-end and VSA software to make 900 MHz wideband measurements.

Engineers in digital communications, radar, and electronic warfare

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