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Understanding Cross Modulation Effects in a Full Duplex LTE Transceiver

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The growing complexity of mobile devices, coupled with the ever-expanding use of wireless communications and data transmission can present unique challenges to modern RFICs. One of the most critical figures-of-merit to predict accurately is cross-modulation, where interfering signals in adjacent channels can actually mix the transmit leakage signals of a full-duplex transceiver into the receive band, thereby desensitizing the receiver and reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. Simulation of this phenomenon cannot be done accurately without real-world, modulated input signals, but is still impractical without the use of advanced simulation techniques such as GoldenGate’s Envelope Transient engine. This Webcast will describe the causes of cross-modulation, and explore a detailed application example of how to perform this critical simulation on a modern RFIC transceiver.

RFIC design engineers who are verifying complex transceivers to modern wireless communications standards such as Wimax, LTE, HSPA+

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