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Digital and Photonics Webcast Series

Master High-Speed Digital Test Challenges and Get Ready for 40/100G Optical Networks

This page contains the recording links for BOTH the Digital and the Photonics Webcast series.

  • Digital Webcast Series - Master the high-speed digital test challenge

Why this Digital series is important:
In this presentation series, we will respond to some of the biggest challenges developers of embedded designs are facing today: the characterization of high-speed digital devices used in many popular serial bus interfaces, such as PCIe™2, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, MIPI, or the characterization of forward clocked memory or CPU interfaces. The following webinars will address burning questions about compliance testing of next generation multi-gigabit interfaces and may provide the right answers to the test requirements of your new designs.

Who Should Attend:
R&D and test engineers who need to validate high-speed digital I/O interfaces in the semiconductor, computer, storage, consumer or communications industries.


  • Photonics Webcast Series - Be Ready for 40/100G Optical Networks & Components

Why this Photonics series is important:
This series of presentations covers test requirements associated with the design of high-speed communication systems and components, or with advanced signal and modulation principles. We will discuss test approaches for transients of reconfigurable network elements, and measurement solutions for the polarization and dispersion behaviour of new component and network designs, as well as other topics relevant to preparing for the transition to the next-generation network.

Who Should Attend:
Engineers and scientists conducting research on advanced photonic components and on 40 to 100G designs. R&D and test engineers of optical component vendors, working on advanced optical components.

 Digital See the Future of Arbitrary Waveform Generators March 1, 2011 Register/View recording 
              ----- recordings from 2010 -----        ----- recordings from 2010 -----
Digital PCI Express® 3.0 Receiver Testing:How to Generate the Test Set-up and Calibrate the Stressed Eye Oct 12, 2010 Register/View recording
Photonics Microsecond Transient Optical Power Measurements March 10, 2010 Register/View Recording 
Photonics Polarization Challenges in 40/100G Network Upgrades Jan 27, 2010 Register/View Recording 
           ----- recordings from 2009 ----- ----- recordings from 2009 -----
Photonics Fast and Accurate Multi-Port PDL / IL Measurements May 28, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Photonics Coherent Detection of Polarization Multiplexed Amplitude and Phase Modulated Optical Signals June 25, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Digital How to test DisplayPort sink devices July 2, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Photonics Quality Rating of Optical Signals Using the Optical Constellation Diagram July 14, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Digital Introduction to MIPI device test August 4, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Digital Be ready for the next generation HDMI standard Sept 30, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Digital How to handle USB 3.0 physical layer test requirements Oct 28, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Photonics How can Reliable Electro-Optical S-parameter Tests Improve your Optical Transmitter and Receiver Designs Nov 19, 2009 Register/View Recording 
Digital How to handle characterization and compliance tests within forward clocking systems Dec 3, 2009 Register/View Recording 

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