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12 tips on how to select your next oscilloscope

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Jackal oscilloscopeThe traditional test & measurement workhorse (the oscilloscope) is still a vital tool, but which features matters most? How can you achieve the best results? What are the tradeoffs between the various types of oscilloscopes? There are several factors that Agilent recommends that you consider before selecting your next oscilloscope. Important oscilloscope “banner” specifications, as well as other oscilloscope characteristics/features that should be considered include:

“Banner” Specifications to Consider:

  • Bandwidth
  • Sample Rate
  • Memory Depth
  • Number of Channels
  • Triggering Capabilities

Other Important Factors to Consider:

  • Waveform Update Rate
  • Display Quality
  • Measurements & Analysis
  • Serial Bus Applications
  • Connectivity & Documentation
  • Probing
  • Ease-of-use

By far the #1 factor that most scope users consider when evaluating a new oscilloscope to purchase is bandwidth and its associated sample rate to deliver that bandwidth in real-time (single-shot). This presentation will briefly address each of these oscilloscope consideration factors and we will provide you with some formulas for determining required performance and some general recommendations on what we believe are important things to consider before making your next oscilloscope purchase decision.

This presentation will also cover the pros and cons of the various types of oscilloscopes on the market today including:

  • PC-based modules
  • Handheld scopes
  • Portable benchtop scopes based on a custom/embedded operating system
  • Benchtop scopes based on a MicroSoft Windows operating system


Who should attend?

Design Engineers, Test Engineers, Oscilloscope Users, and R&D Managers.


The Presenter: Erik Babbé

Erik BabbeErik Babbé has 12 years experience in the Test & Measurement Industry and has worked for Yokogawa, LeCroy and the last 5 years for Agilent Technologies.
He joined Agilent as UK Digital Specialist and currently holds the position of EMEA Business Development Manager for General Purpose Oscilloscopes.


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