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60 GHz Power Amplifier Design for Wireless HDMI

The emergence of Wireless HDMI standard requires advanced design tools and technologies to meet its stringent performance requirements. This webinar will review the ADS design tools & methodologies used to implement of 60GHZ 3-stage Power Amplifier (PA) using TriQuint's TQP13-N foundry process design kits.

Topics covered include:
· Tradeoff studies including different amplifier topologies & inter-stage matching techniques
· Planar 3D EM analysis & design techniques
· Constrained layout and physical design including DRC, LVS
· Performance verification to the 60 GHz, 4 Gbit/s Wireless HDMI standard
· Fabrication & Testing

Who should view this webcast:
RF & microwave power amplifier design engineers who are interested in the design techniques, flow methodologies and process technologies for efficient and streamlined RFIC & MMIC design.

Training & Event Materials

60 GHz Power Amplifier Design for Wireless HDMI - Adobe file 
Oct 13, 2009 webcast PAN_60GHz_PA_desgn.pdf

Seminar Materials 2009-10-13