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Advanced Digital Design Seminar

Thank you for attending our Advanced Digital Design Seminar!

The Future of Memory Technology  
Memory technology has really hit a wall because of physics limitations. Understand what these limitations mean for your designs and the tools you use to test them. Demos will include: The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module that can capture GDDR5 data rates and proper probing techniques. Don’t let your designs be limited by the equipment you use to test them.

Understand USB SuperSpeed and Common Pitfalls  
Find and fix the most common problems engineers face when working on superspeed USB designs and solutions to avoid them including Tx, Rx, and the most advanced triggering system on the market to ensure you are measuring your DUT and not the instruments taking the measurements

PCIe Standard Updates and 3.0 Testing Challenges  
Understand how the PCI-SIG establishes the new standards and the specific challenges with the recently published 3.0 standard.
This will include Tx, Rx, and probing hints for the novice and guru alike.

Channel Design, Simulation and Measurement  
With the shift from parallel bus interfaces to serial links, high data rate signals have not only changed chip designs but also board designs. The impact of the physical channel on Signal Integrity has to be taken into consideration at a very early stage of design. Presented by Granite River Labs.

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