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Three Steps to Successful Modulation Analysis Webcast

When measuring and troubleshooting digitally modulated systems, it is tempting to go directly to modulation analysis. Experienced designers have learned that it is usually better to follow a measurement sequence instead; one that begins with spectrum measurements, continues with vector (combined frequency and time) measurements and then proceeds to modulation analysis.

This is the approach that will be discussed during this Webex presentation.

This sequence of measurements is especially useful because it reduces the chances that important signal problems will be missed. Making a variety of measurements in an arbitrary fashion while watching for things that look wrong or questionable can reveal problems. However, some important things can be missed this way and a great deal of time can be wasted in unproductive or inefficient measurement approaches.

Who should view this webcast:
Engineers or engineering managers involved in the development or troubleshooting of complex communications, radar or EW waveforms who need to understand the signal’s spectral , modulation and timing characteristics