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Use capture, playback & triggering to completely analyze a signal Webcast

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What is the Webcast About?
Whether they’re bursted, framed, pulsed, or time division multiplexed, most modern signals are time-varying in some precise and complex fashion. Working with them means measuring and optimizing simultaneously in time, frequency, and modulation domains. It’s a challenge readily met by modern analyzers using signal capture, flexible playback, and advanced triggering functions. It’s even possible to use these playback analysis and triggering functions on unconventional signal sources such as math and simulation software, plus data harvested from logic analyzers and FPGAs.

This webcast will show you how to effectively capture and completely analyze complex and time-varying signals; how to extract the maximum information from the briefest signals, and how to optimize accuracy and resolution. The webcast will also cover advanced topics such as post-capture triggering and frequency re-tuning operations such as span and center frequency changes on captured data.

Who Should View this Webcast?
Engineers or engineering managers involved in the development or troubleshooting of complex communications, radar or EW time varying waveforms who need to understand the signal’s spectral , modulation and timing characteristics .

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