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PCI Express 3.0 How to pass receiver compliance test for add-in cards and motherboards - webcast

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How to pass Compliance Test for Add-In Cards or Mother Boards according to CEM Specification


The PCI-SIG® started “fyi”-testing of cards and motherboards according to the CEM-spec during workshops in April 2011. As preparation for official compliance testing, PCIe rev. 3 test tools, supplied by the PCI-SIG, this website will discuss the essential calibration method of the stress signal for receiver testing. 

The webcast will: 

  • teach how to test receiver compliance of PCI Express 3.0 add-in cards and motherboards according to the CEM spec of the PCI-SIG
  • explain the new receiver test approach and its challenges 
  • discuss best practices from recent PCI-SIG events
  • explain how Agilent’s test equipment, like the J-BERT N4903B, the N4916B de-emphasis signal converter and Infiniium 90000 X-series, can be used to ensure proper link training and accurate stressed jitter and stressed voltage receiver testing

R&D and Design Verification Engineers doing physical layer test and/or characterization on receivers of PCIe3 add-in-cards and motherboards.


PCI Express® "PCI EXPRESS is a registered trademark of the PCI -SIG."

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Free At Your PC Click here to view recording of the live broadcast from October 27, 2011 

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