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Ubiquitous Test with LXI Instrumentation

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Why this Webcast is important:
In our global society we continue to become more and more connected to each other and information. The basis or foundation of our global connectivity is Ethernet or LAN which is a hard wired networking standard. Today we are witnessing an explosion of low cost wireless devices that sit on the edge of LAN networks, and of handheld portable computing devices that allow us to access a LAN network from anywhere. In this presentation we will discuss how we can use these various off the shelf devices to access LXI instruments wirelessly from anywhere at any time, and some of the security tradeoffs associated with this ubiquitous access. Smart devices, smart phones and tablet PCs, and cloud capabilities will be brought up as topics, and their use and benefits for controlling and monitoring LXI instruments will be discussed.

Who should view this Webcast:
Engineers, scientists, or technicians performing long-term, long distance, or distributive testing and/or monitoring applications. Additionally, anyone that needs ubiquitous access to their instrumentation.

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