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Combining the Power of RF & Microwave with High Speed Digital Seminar Materials




Thank you for attending our Advanced Digital Design Seminar! 

Download the presentation materials from our seminar on March 27th and 28th, 2012 Chelmsford, MA at the Radisson Hotel.

What was the seminar about?
In digital standards, every generational change puts new risks in your path. We see it firsthand when creating our products and working with engineers like you. Join us on Day 1 of this complimentary seminar as our industry experts share their knowledge with you in the following applications: DDR, USB and PCIe. We can help enhance your ability to create products you’ll be proud of.

What is also becoming more prevalent at these high speeds is the increased need to understand the effects of RF on accelerating your device design to market. Day 2 of this seminar will focus on the basic concepts of network analysis , signal analysis and EMI measurements to help you more effectively troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your designs. This event also offers an excellent opportunity for any engineer new to RF to learn the basics of RF and Microwave measurements.

Work with Agilent – and realize your best design.

The future of memory technology
Memory technology has really hit a wall because of physics limitations. Understand what these limitations mean for your designs and the tools you use to test them. Demos will include: The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module that can capture GDDR5 data rates and proper probing techniques. Don’t let your designs be limited by the equipment you use to test them.

Understand USB superspeed and common pitfalls
Find and fix the most common problems engineers face when working on superspeed USB designs and solutions to avoid them including Tx, Rx, and the most advanced triggering system on the market to ensure you are measuring your DUT and not the instruments taking the measurements

PCIe standard updates and 3.0 testing challenges
Understand how the PCI-SIG establishes the new standards and the specific challenges with the recently published 3.0 standard. This will include Tx, Rx, and probing hints for the novice and guru alike.

Channel Design, Simulation and Measurement
With the shift from parallel bus interfaces to serial links, high data rate signals have not only changed chip designs but also board designs. The impact of the physical channel on Signal Integrity has to be taken into consideration at a very early stage of design. Presented by Granite River Labs.

Fundamentals of Network Analysis
Learn the principles of measuring high-frequency electrical networks with network analyzers and how the characterization of linear and nonlinear device behavior can be done. We will cover RF fundamentals and the concepts of reflection, transmission, S-parameters, and X-parameters and review the major components of network analyzers ,followed by measurement calibration basics and various calibration techniques for accuracy enhancements.

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis
Learn why spectrum analysis is important for a variety of applications and how to measure system and device performance using a spectrum analyzer. We begin with an introduction to spectrum analyzers and discuss theory of operation. We will examine the instrument's major components and their significance as well as the spectrum analyzer specifications that are important for your application. Digital modulation concepts and analysis tools will be introduced.

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Product Development
The integration of an electromagnetic compatibility strategy into the product development cycle is extremely important in today’s shortened time lines. Companies cannot afford delays in development due to radiated or conducted emissions issues. We will explore worldwide requirements and how they relate to products you are developing. Learn to use precompliance tools to evaluate your product’s EMI performance and diagnose problems that could delay the final compliance. You will come away from the seminar with the knowledge of how to integrate EMC into the development cycle.

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