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Ten Things You Should Know About MIMO Webcast Presentation Slides

The recording of the Oct. 8, 2008 broadcast is no longer available. 

You can download the Adobe presentation below and/or to receive copy of webcast on CD order Volume 2 CD by clicking here.

The webcast described ten topics relating to MIMO radio operation and measurement. It drew from all three of the key OFDM technologies adopting MIMO, namely 802.11n, WiMAX™ and LTE.

Webcasts included in the CDs:
The ten topics are split into three sections. The first deals with systems operation, particularly the impact of moving into a cellular environment. The second section describes how the MIMO signals are transmitted and recovered. The final section describes single and multiple input measurements.

Volume 1 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Addressing the Design & Verification Challenges of 3GPP LTE • Understanding SC-FDMA - The New LTE Uplink • LTE Protocol Primer • RF Measurements for LTE • LTE Protocol Control and Signaling

Volume 2 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO • MIMO RF Measurements - Choosing and Using Tools • Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks • LTE MIMO System Level Design and Test • Making the Journey from WiMAX to LTE • Addressing the Design and Verification Challenges of Cognitive Radio and SDR • Introduction to LTE Advanced

Volume 3 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Completing LTE eNB Closed-loop Conformance Tests • Over-The-Air (OTA) Test Methods to Evaluate the Performance of MIMO Handsets • How to Verify the Data in Your LTE Downlink Signal • 4G For Everyone: Extended RF Performance with Digital Pre-Distortion • Understanding Cross Modulation Effects in a Full Duplex LTE

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Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO Webcast Presentation Slides 
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