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LXI Webinar Series 2009

LXI Webcast Series

Join us and attend these 5 complimentary webcasts. Have a look at the different abstracts and make sure to register ahead of time for the topics of interest. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation including an MS outlook invitation to update your calendar and a reminder will be sent shortly before the webcast commences. The presentations will be given in English and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

LXI WebEX Series 2009 - Abstracts Date and time Register
LXI and the state of the market today
What is LXI?  Key features and benefits, availability of LXI instruments.  What do you get with an LXI instrument?
April 8, 2009   View Recording 
Key LXI features and how to use them to grow your ROI
What is different with an LXI instrument? How to use networked instruments to your advantage. How to use the embedded web page to increase your productivity. Things that are much easier with an LXI instrument. What Agilent provides with our LXI instruments to make you more productive.
May 6, 2009   View Recording 
LXI and Programming: Driver use
Every LXI instrument comes with an IVI driver. How to use this to simplify your programming. How to use an IVI driver from various programming environments.
June 3, 2009   View Recording 
Migrating to and interoperating with LXI
How to build a test system that takes advantage of LXI while continuing to use your existing instrumentation. Programming considerations when building a mixed system with LXI and other instruments.
Sept 2, 2009   View Recording 
LXI Advanced capabilities: Triggering and IEEE 1588 time synchronization
New capabilities in LXI. State of adoption. Why would you want these new capabilities? What can you do when you have these advanced capabilities?
Oct 7, 2009   View Recording