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Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks

The recording of this April 30, 2009  webcast is no longer available.

You can download the Adobe presentation below and/or receive a copy of the webcast on CD. Order Volume 2 CD here: Learn about 3GPP LTE and other Cellular technologies with these useful resources.

What is this webcast about:
Join Agilent for this four-stop journey exploring the fascinating world of MIMO. The journey begins by explaining the principles that make MIMO work: spatial correlation, precoding and rank adaptation. But rather than rely on mathematical descriptions which can often be a barrier to some, the explanation will be based on some very well understood acoustic phenomena which will help demystify what MIMO is all about. After establishing the basic physics behind MIMO the webcast will move into how the LTE air interface has been designed to allow MIMO to perform at its best.

The third stage in the journey will explain the nature of the LTE MIMO conformance tests. Due to the complexity of the LTE air interface these have been written with many of the more advanced capabilities either simplified or switched off. This open loop approach to testing limits the insight that can be gained into actual mobile performance in real world conditions - something that has to be understood for competitive advantage and operator selection. The final stage in the journey looks at tools that can be used to evaluate MIMO performance in real life conditions including the crucial impact of real antenna design, real fading and closed loop control.

Webcasts included in the CDs:
The ten topics are split into three sections. The first deals with systems operation, particularly the impact of moving into a cellular environment. The second section describes how the MIMO signals are transmitted and recovered. The final section describes single and multiple input measurements.

Volume 1 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Addressing the Design & Verification Challenges of 3GPP LTE • Understanding SC-FDMA - The New LTE Uplink • LTE Protocol Primer • RF Measurements for LTE • LTE Protocol Control and Signaling

Volume 2 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO • MIMO RF Measurements - Choosing and Using Tools • Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks • LTE MIMO System Level Design and Test • Making the Journey from WiMAX to LTE • Addressing the Design and Verification Challenges of Cognitive Radio and SDR • Introduction to LTE Advanced

Volume 3 CD; LTE Design & Test Fundamentals includes: • Completing LTE eNB Closed-loop Conformance Tests • Over-The-Air (OTA) Test Methods to Evaluate the Performance of MIMO Handsets • How to Verify the Data in Your LTE Downlink Signal • 4G For Everyone: Extended RF Performance with Digital Pre-Distortion • Understanding Cross Modulation Effects in a Full Duplex LTE

Training & Event Materials

Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks Adobe Webcast presentation 
Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks Adobe Webcast April, 2009 presentation

Seminar Materials 2009-04-30