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Optimizing Battery Operating Time of Wireless Devices

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Why this webcast is important:
There is a growing need for battery current drain testing in hardware development, software development, design validation and manufacturing of wireless devices. Most wireless devices spend the majority of its operating life time in an idle or sleep mode and operate in short bursts of activity to conserve power. This causes the battery current drain to go from nA’s and uA’s up to Amps of current. This wide dynamic range of current is very difficult to measure using traditional fixed range current measurement techniques such as the use of current probes and shunts.

This webcast will go on to discuss an Agilent exclusive feature called “seamless measurement ranging” which overcomes the limitations of traditional techniques for battery current drain testing. “Seamless measurement ranging” is a patented technology that accurately measures battery current drain from uA to Amps in a single sweep, while at the same time ensuring the highest level of measurement accuracy at each portion of the measurement waveform.

Who should attend:
Designers of and Manufacturing Engineers for battery-powered, wireless devices.

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