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Driving Down Test Cost, Schedule & Risk with Smart Switching Webcast

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Why this webcast is important:
Improperly architected signal routing and power and load switching can easily double the cost of your test system. Include the challenges of managing signal integrity and switch reliability and repeatability and you can ill afford to treat your switching system as an afterthought.

This webcast will cover the fundamentals that make switching the heart of any test system. Topics will include the basics such as which switch types and topologies to consider for your specific application to more advanced topics such as optimizing throughput, managing switch system lifespan and designing for signal integrity. Within signal integrity, a close examination will demonstrate how to better meet bandwidth, noise and crosstalk targets. Finally real-world examples will be used to demonstrate how flexible, supportable switching systems can drive down test system cost, schedule and risk.

Who should attend:
This seminar will be valuable to engineers designing, specifying or creating automated test systems.

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