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34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A - Configuration Guide
Introduction of the Agilent 34945A, L4445A, and L4490A/L4491A family of RF/Microwave switching instrument features, and assists in the three step process of selecting and configuring the systems.

Configuration Guide 2014-05-14

11713B/C Attenuator/Switch Drivers - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide will assist you through the process of configuring a switching system using the Agilent 11713B/C attenuator/switch drivers.

Configuration Guide 2014-04-07

Data Acquisition and Switching Platforms Select and Compare Table

Selection Guide 2014-04-07

Antenna Test - Selection Guide
Agilent Technologies provides many of the components required to make accurate antenna and radar cross-section (RCS) measurements. Use this guide to: understand how Agilent instruments can be integrated into various configurations, learn about interface requirements between components, understand issues related to selecting the equipment required to make antenna measurements, and learn how to migrate from the 8510 network analyzer or 8530 microwave receiver to the PNA series network analyzer.

Selection Guide 2013-12-13

Rack Mount Accessory Products Cross Reference Guide - Selection Guide
This cross reference provides mappings of instrument rack mount options to standalone rack mount products or parts.

Selection Guide 2013-06-14

RF and Microwave Amplifiers - Selection Guide
A selection guide for the RF and microwave 83006/017/018/020/050/051A and N4985A test system amplifiers, and N4985A-S30/S50 preamplifiers. Selection criteria and application examples are included.

Selection Guide 2013-03-29

I/O Connectivity - Selection Guide
The selection guide for Agilent I/O connectivity products. Includes a color-coded selection table to match Agilent instruments to the recommended I/O connectivity

Selection Guide 2013-02-28

M9170A PXI Attenuator/Switch Driver Module
This configuration guide will help you configure your M9170A PXI attenuator/switch driver module with Agilent's RF & MW step attenuators and electromechanical switches.

Configuration Guide 2012-08-13

RF and Microwave Switch Selection Guide
This guide provides comprehensive information on Agilent’s RF/microwave switches and drivers. It includes important parameters and easy-to-use selection tables with detailed product specifications.

Selection Guide 2011-08-03

Switch System Configurator
Use this configurator to define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories. Start by selecting if you want to use a Standard Platform, Build your Own with individual components or a Custom Solution

Selection Guide 2010-04-06

11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver Configuration Guide
This configuration guide will help you through the process of configuring a switching system utilizing Agilent’s 11713A attenuator/switch driver.

Configuration Guide 2005-10-27

34980A Accessories
Get part numbers for terminal blocks, 50- or 78-pin Dsub cables/connector kits, rack mount kit and more.

Selection Guide 2004-09-20

GPIB adapter options for difficult cabling situations
The 10834A GPIB to GPIB adapter will solve the majority of GPIB cabling issues when the GPIB cable interferes with the backplane of the computer or instrument.

Selection Guide 2002-12-01

Coaxial Connector Overview
This is a brief review of common connectors used in test and measurement applications.

Selection Guide 2000-12-07

Switch Attenuator Drivers Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide 2000-11-30