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89600 VSA Demo Video: Trigger, Time Capture, and Playback

Demo 2014-02-09

89600 VSA Software Measurement Acquisition Styles Demo Video on YouTube
Learn about data acquisition styles available for measurements performed using the 89600 VSA software's multi-measurement capability. Includes a multi-standard example with LTE, W-CDMA and GSM carriers.

How-To Video 2014-02-09

89600 VSA Software Troubleshooting Interactions Multi-Standard Radio Demo Video on YouTube
Learn how the 89600 VSA software's ability to acquire data from multiple instruments can be used to troubleshoot interactions between signals in a multi-standard radio.

How-To Video 2014-02-09

Infiniium 90000-X Series vs. Danaher-Tektronix 70000C Series Oscilloscopes - Competitive Comparison
Quickly compare the Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes to the Tektronix 70000C Series oscilloscopes.

Competitive Comparison 2014-02-07

E5063A ENA Series PCB Analyzer - Technical Overview
The technical overview of E5063A ENA Series PCB analyzer.

Technical Overview 2014-02-06

On-Wafer SOLT Calibration Using 4-port PNA-L Network Analyzers - Application Note
This documentation is intended for on-wafer applications using the 4-port, 20 GHz, PNA-L network analyzer with two dual probes to achieve full 4-port on-wafer calibrations manually. This application note provides the step-by-step instructions needed to set up a calibration kit in order to perform a 4-port SOLT (Short-Open-Load-Thru) calibration using only three thrus.

Application Note 2014-02-06

Build Dependable PCB Test Stations with the Agilent E5063A PCB Analyzer - Flyer
This highlights key features of the E5063A ENA Series PCB Analyzer, the best solution for PCB manufacturing test providing both impedance (TDR) and return loss (S-parameter) measurement capability.

Brochure 2014-02-04

M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator - Startup Guide
Startup Guide for the Agilent M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and the Agilent M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator. Guides users to unpack, inspect, install (software and hardware), perform instrument connections, verify operability, and make a first measurement. Completing the steps in this guide, users should then refer to the Programming Guide and driver references to develop their interface to the instrument

Quick Start Guide 2014-02-04

PDF PDF 11.90 MB
Probes and Accessories for Agilent Oscilloscopes - Selection Guide
Probes and accessories for Agilent oscilloscopes, Reliable measurements start with the probe. Active differential probes, single-ended active probes, Passive probes, Current probes.

Selection Guide 2014-02-04

Y1299A-001 PXI MIMO Test Solution Kit Startup Guide
Startup Guide for the Agilent PXI MIMO Test Solution Kit (non-assembled). Guides users to unpack, inspect, install HW and SW, configure, verify operability, and make a first measurement. Includes cabling diagrams. Included in the Y1299A-001 Kit. For detailed user documentation of each component product in this solution, refer to the respective product page on Agilent.com.

User Manual 2014-02-04

16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
The 16800 Series logic analyzers give you more measurement capabilities to overcome your toughest digital debug challenges - without spending more. 8 fixed configuration models offer 34, 68, 102, 136, or 204 channels of logic analysis. 3 of the 8 models also include a built-in 48-channel logic analyzer. Large, 15 inch display is standard. Touch screen is optional.

Data Sheet 2014-02-03

E5061B / E5063A Security Feature
Describes how to use the E5061B / E5063A security features to protect and remove classified proprietary information stored or displayed in the instrument.

Reference Guide 2014-02-01

U3045AM04 50 GHz, 4-Port Mechanical Test Set
multiport test set is a 50 GHz, 4-port mechanical switching extension test set. The test set can be combined with a PNA-X 4-port network analyzer, providing a complete solution for 8-port full crossbar measurements.

User Manual 2014-02-01

N4960A Serial BERT 17 and 32 Gb/s - User's Guide
The user's manual covers: setting up the system, operation, applications, performance specifications, remote operation, and warranty/product service.

User Manual 2014-02-01

N4960A Serial BERT 17 and 32 Gb/s - Getting Started Guide
The getting started guide helps you identify the contents of the shipping package, perform a quick functional check of the product, and guide you on where to find more information and support for the N4960A.

Quick Start Guide 2014-02-01

N4980A Multi-Instrument BERT Software - User's Guide
The user's manual covers: setting up the system, system requirements, installation, operation, measurements, tools, and configurations.

User Manual 2014-02-01

Installation Notes, Extended Power Range and Bias Tees To Upgrade PNA N5227A Opti 401 to Opt 419
Installation Note Extended Power Range and Bias Tees Upgrade Kit To Upgrade PNA N5227A Option 401 to Option 419 Upgrade Kit Order Numbers: N5227AU-419

Installation Manual 2014-02-01

N495xA through N498xA Connector Care – Reference Guide
This document shows proper connector care and connection techniques for extending the life of devices.

Reference Guide 2014-02-01

ESA Spectrum Analyzers Service Guide
Service documention for the ESA series of spectrum analyzers. (E4401B, E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B, E4411B, E4403B, and E4408B)

Service Manual 2014-02-01

Help File - User Manual for E5063A ENA Network Analyzer (Operation and Programming)
The E5063A help system provides easy access to information related to the use of E5063A ENA Network Analyzer. The E5063A help includes the information of Quick Start, Specification, Operation and Programming.

Help File 2014-01-31

Network Analyzer - Selection Guide
Provides an overview of Agilent’s network analyzer families, recommended solutions for various applications, related network analyzer products, and a comparison of specifications and features.

Selection Guide 2014-01-31

EMC Compliance Testing: Improve Throughput with Time Domain Scanning - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of time domain scan, the test scenarios in which it provides the greatest time savings, and trade-offs between speed and overload protection.

Application Note 2014-01-30

For video streaming: FPGA Dynamic Probe for Altera

Demo 2014-01-29

For video streaming: FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx

Demo 2014-01-29

N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - Brochure
This brochure introduces key features and benefits of N9340B spectrum analyzer as well as key applications.

Brochure 2014-01-29


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