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Connecting and Configuring JMR RAID to work with the Agilent M9392A-White Paper
The M9392A Streaming Application Note details a new tool to overcome the challenges of capturing gapless data

Application Note 2011-11-11

How Offset, Dynamic Range and Compression Affect Measurements - Application Note
This application note will clearly present how signal offset and oscilloscope/probe offset interact with regards to the dynamic range of the probe amps.

Application Note 2011-11-02

Optimizing Dynamic Range for Distortion Measurements
This Product Note covers high dynamic range measurement techniques for the new PSA Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series. The Note describes the best way to use the PSA series to make distortion measurements such as ACP, intermodulation, and harmonic distortion.

Application Note 2011-10-27

Low-Cost Test Solution for ASK/FSK Wireless Devices - Application Note
Use Agilent’s basic RF instruments to measure and analyze ASK/FSK modulated signals commonly used in a variety of products and systems, ranging from personal consumer electronics and automatic meter reading, to giant industrial devices.

Application Note 2011-10-25

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Testing Made Easy - Using the Agilent N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer
Application note on wireless mouse and keyboards using the Agilent N9320B RF spectrum analyzer.

Application Note 2011-10-25

Interference Classifications and Measurement Application Note
This paper defines the various types of interference and explains how the use of N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers are used to quickly identify the type of interference for quick resolution.

Application Note 2011-10-11

Procedures to Verify and Locate Interference Application Note
This application note looks at the process and techniques for measuring, verifying and locating wireless interference using the portable N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers.

Application Note 2011-10-11

Interference Testing with Handheld Spectrum Analyzers Application Note
This application note describes the techniques and procedures for interference testing in a wireless environment using the Agilent family of N934xC/N9340B handheld spectrum analyzers.

Application Note 2011-10-11

Gaining Deeper Insights into Dynamic BTS/UE Signals with WLA
This application note introduces link operation, wireless link analysis, a graphical approach to WLA, dynamic measurements, and additional capabilities specific to the analysis of LTE devices.

Application Note 2011-10-04

M9392A Streaming Application Note
How to get the most from Agilent’s M9392A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer (including the M9202A IF digitizer) with 100 MHz streaming option

Application Note 2011-09-28

Optimizing Oscilloscope Measurement Accuracy on High-Performance Systems with Agilent Active...
To keep high-speed devices supplied with data so they are not sitting idle, designers have been inventing techniques to increase the bandwidth of external buses in order to move large amounts of data between devices on circuit boards.

Application Note 2011-05-20

Infiniium Oscilloscopes Performance Guide
Infiniium Link to 89601A Software, Performance Guide.

Application Note 2011-03-31

Making EMI Compliance Measurements
This application note provides an overview of EMI compliance test requirements and measurement approaches.

Application Note 2011-03-09

Streamlining Field Test with Task Planner
For use with Agilent N9344C/43C/42C handheld spectrum analyzers (HSAs)

Application Note 2011-02-25

IEEE 802.16e WiMAX OFDMA Signal Measurements and Troubleshooting, AN 1578
This note provides a broad overview of measurement and troubleshooting approaches for OFDMA signals, and is not limited to digital demodulation or modulation quality analysis.

Application Note 2011-02-17

An Overview of the Electrical Validation of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T
The technology used in these ports, commonly known as “LAN” or “NIC” ports, is usually one of the 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T standards or a combination of them.

Application Note 2011-01-11

Custom OFDM Signal Generation Using SystemVue
This application note describes a new comms standard based on OFDM which is provided by SystemVue 2011 to create both simulation and measurement, with links to the new 89600B VSA software for further demodulation and analysis.

Application Note 2010-12-09

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure (AN 57-1)
This 32-page, black-and-white application note providesinformation on RF and Microwave noise figure measurementts. Topics include noise figure and temperature, noise characteristics of two-port networks, and the measurement of noise figure.

Application Note 2010-08-05

Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA Base Stations (Including Femtocells) - Application Note
W-CDMA is one of several wideband digital cellular technologies competing for the third-generation (3G) cellular market.

Application Note 2010-08-01

Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements
This application note provides an overview of radiated and conducted emissions measurements as well as a methodology for EMI precompliance testing.

Application Note 2010-07-13

E-UTRA Base Station Transmit ON/OFF Power Measurement
This application note describes the LTE TDD E-UTRA base station transmit ON/OFF power measurement-also known as the power-versus-time measurement- as provided in the N9082A LTE TDD measurement app.

Application Note 2010-06-22

Two-Way Radio Testing with Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer - Application Note
This application note highlights how you can use the Agilent U8903A audio analyzer to guarantee the audio quality of your design for you to use audio as a competitive advantage.

Application Note 2010-05-31

Stimulus-Response Testing for LTE Components - Application Note
This note focuses on the 3GPP LTE specifications that present some new challenges for manufacturers of components and equipment for LTE systems.

Application Note 2010-05-03

Measuring Frequency Response with E5061B LF Network Analyzer
This application note describes fundamentals on low frequency network analysis by featuring the E5061B LF-RF network analyzer. Here we mainly discuss simple low frequency 2-port device measurements and associated topics.

Application Note 2010-04-28

Using Noise Floor Extension in the PXA Signal Analyzer
With sufficient processing and other technical innovations, the noise power in a signal analyzer can be modeled and subtracted from measurement results to reduce the effective noise level.

Application Note 2010-02-25


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