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PNA - Mixers - Advances in Converter Test
Agilent 2005 Aerospace Defense Symposium presentation

Application Note 2006-04-24

Stripline TRL Calibration Fixtures for 10-Gigabit Interconnect Analysis

Application Note 2006-04-05

Introduction to the Fixture Simulator Function of the ENA Series RF Network Analyzers
This product note describes what the fixture simulator of the ENA Series is, and how it helps customers in various network measurement applications. The fixture simulator function includes de-embedding, embedding, and balanced measurements.

Application Note 2006-03-13

8753ET/ES and 8719D/ET/ES, 8720D/ET/ES, and 8722D/ET/ES Network Analyzers Security Features
Provides information concerning the structure, use, and clearing of user accessible memory inside the 8753ET/ES and 8719D/ET/ES, 8720D/ET/ES, and 8722D/ET/ES Network Analyzers.

Application Note 2006-02-15

Designing High Speed Backplanes Utilizing Physical Layer Test System
This Application Note focuses on the problems introduced into the backplane assembly design by the many linear passive components that create reflections due to impedance discontinuities.

Application Note 2006-01-18

Network Analysis - In-Fixture Measurements (1287-9)

Application Note 2006-01-10

Network Analysis - Advanced Measurements and Modeling of Differential Devices

Application Note 2006-01-06

Limitations and Accuracies of Time and Frequency Domain Analysis of Physical Layer Devices

Application Note 2005-11-01

PNA - Amplifier - High-Power Testing (1408-10)

Application Note 2005-09-28

PNA - Analyze Lightwave Components (1408-14)

Application Note 2005-06-30

Validating Transceiver FPGAs Using Advanced Calibration Techniques

Application Note 2005-04-27

Investigating Microvia Technology for 10 Gbps Higher Telecommunications Systems

Application Note 2005-04-05

PNA - Antenna/RCS - Reduce Measurement Test Times
This white paper describes new technology features applicable to antenna/RCS measurements, configuration diagrams, typical antenna/RCS measurement scenarios, and measurement time comparisons.

Application Note 2004-12-20

Correlation of Simulation vs. Measurement in Frequency and Time Domain
For multi-gigahertz serial data link.

Application Note 2004-12-10

PNA - Antenna and RCS Measurement Advancements

Application Note 2004-12-01

PNA Calibration - Cable Length and VNA System Performance

Application Note 2004-11-24

PNA Automation - Software Application Development (1408-13)

Application Note 2004-09-13

How to configure HP Basic to communicate with the Agilent ENA analyzer via SCPI-LAN

Application Note 2004-08-06

Side-by-Side Comparison of Agilent and Tektronix Probing Measurements
When you make signal-integrity measurements on high-speed signals, the oscilloscope and probe you use can have a big impact on the accuracy of your measurements. Compare different manufacturers to find the best ones for your application.

Application Note 2004-06-17

Network Analysis - De-embedding and Embedding S-Parameter Networks (1364-1)
At RF and microwave frequencies, it becomes difficult to directly measure devices with nonstandard connectors (for example, devices using surface-mount packaging).

Application Note 2004-06-01

ENA/PNA Calibration - User Characterization: Electronic Calibration
ECal modules offer calibrations in a fraction of the time it would take to calibrate using mechanical calibrations, and are not just limited to quick accurate calibrations.

Application Note 2004-05-27

PNA - Pulsed Measurement Accuracy (1408-11)

Application Note 2004-02-17

On-wafer Balanced Component Measurement using the ENA RF Network Analyzer with the Cascade Microtech
This product note discusses how to perform full 4-port error correction using the ENA Series with Cascade Microtech's dual-tip Air Coplanar Probe (ACP).

Application Note 2004-02-09

Mixer Conversion-Loss and Group-Delay Meas. Techniques and Comparisons (1408-02) – Application Note
This paper compares techniques and instruments for measuring conversion loss and group delay on a single stage converter with an embedded low pass filter. Conversion loss using a: spectrum, scalar, and vector network analyzer.

Application Note 2004-01-28

PNA - Antenna - Pulsed Measurements
This paper presents advances in the instrumentation techniques that can be used for the measurement and characterization of antennas that are to be tested in a pulsed mode of operation.

Application Note 2004-01-06

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