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2014 IEEE Radar Conference
Cincinnati, OH; May 20 - 22, 014

Salon professionnel

3G Technology Overview
This 2-day course will introduce engineers to the concepts of third generation cellular technologies.

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A+ Seminar Series
Various locations in 2014


Accurate Mixer Measurements Using Multi-tone X-parameter Models
IMS 2010 MicroApps presentation by Mihai Marcu and Radoslaw M. Biernacki

Présentation de séminaire 2010-05-26

Advanced Agilent VEE Pro
This course will present detailed instruction, explanation and training for advanced programming of VEE Pro.

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Advanced Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Measurement System Webcast
Original broadcast August 29, 2013

Webcast - enregistré

Advanced Product Design & Test for High-Speed Digital Devices Webcast
Original broadcast Jan 18, 2012

Webcast - enregistré

Advanced RF/Microwave Measurements Symposium
Canadian seminar tour in Vancouver, BC / Toronto, ON / Ottawa, ON


Advances in Millimeter Wave Measurements

Matériel de formation 2008-09-01

Agilent Cable Sweep Network Analyzer 8700 Series Training
Cable Sweep Fundamentals training using an 8700 Series Network Analyzer.

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Agilent EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Agilent EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services.

Matériel de formation 2010-08-11

Agilent RF Interference Analysis Training Data Sheet
Hands-on training for RF engineers who install and maintain RF communications infrastructure using Agilent handheld RF instruments: N9340B spectrum analyzer and N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer.

Matériel de formation 2011-08-23

All Webcast On-Demand Recordings
Access the free, On-Demand (recorded) webcasts


Analyze Agile or Elusive Signals Using Real-time Measurement and Triggering Webcast
Original broadcast April 24, 2013

Webcast - enregistré

Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) 2013
October 7-9, 2013; Columbus, OH

Salon professionnel

Basics of RF Amplifier Test With the Vector Network Analyzer
Original broadcast Mar 13, 2012

Webcast - enregistré

Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals
This 1-day course covers the applications for this new technology, the structure of the Bluetooth system architecture and the setup of so called short-range ad hoc networks will be introduced.

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Breakthrough in High Speed Interconnect Analysis and Compliance Testing
Originally broadcast April 27, 2011

Webcast - enregistré

Cable and Connector Care
Accelerated Education Curriculum: Training for fundamentals of connector care

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Calibration and Alignment Techniques for Precise Field Measurements Webcast Slides
Slides from the November 28, 2012 webcast

Présentation de séminaire 2012-11-28

Ottawa, ON; May 28-29, 2014

Salon professionnel

Combining the Power of RF & Microwave with High Speed Digital Seminar Materials
Access the papers from the 2012 Seminar


Design of a 8 Watt, High efficiency X-band Power PHEMT Amplifier
Originally broadcast March 16, 2010

Webcast - enregistré

DesignCon 2008 Technical Paper Presentations

Matériel de formation 2009-05-12

DesignCon 2009 Technical Paper Presentations

Matériel de formation 2009-11-16

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