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Can I measure temperature with the U1241A/U1242A Handheld Digital Multimeter?
Yes, you can measure temperature with the U1241A/U1242A Handheld Digital Multimeter using a thermocouple adaptor and thermocouple tip….

FAQ 2008-09-24

Can I save measurements with the U1241A or U1242A Handheld Digital Multimeter?
You can save measurements with the U1242A Handheld Digital Multimeter but not with the U1241A….

FAQ 2008-09-24

What type of internal memory is installed into the 34420A NanoVolt, Micro-Ohm Meter?
Please refer to the document linked to this page for a comprehensive listing of memory installed into the Agilent 34420A.

FAQ 2008-04-09

What types of memory are installed into the Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter?
Please refer to the document linked to this page for a comprehensive listing of internal memory for the 34401A digital multimeter.

FAQ 2006-11-03

What is the Temperature Measurement Range of the Agilent 34307A Thermocouples?
Use the specifications of the Omega Engineering Inc thermocouple wire with part number TT-J-24.

FAQ 2006-08-28

What is Option 001 for the Agilent 3458A and is it a retrofittable option?
Option 001 expands reading memory from 20K to 148K (from 10,240 16 bit readings to 65,536 16 bit readings). This is a field installable option. Installation of this option does not affect the instrument calibration.

FAQ 2006-01-30

Does the Agilent 34401A use "AC" or "DC" coupling for AC voltage measurements?
The Agilent 34401A uses an AC-coupled input when measuring ACV, which means that the DC component is blocked and is not included in the measurement.

FAQ 2005-05-02

How do I calculate total measurement error on the Agilent 34401A?
The accuracy specifications for the Agilent 34401A are expressed in the form: '% of reading + % of range' which match the dominate sources of error, gain and offset.

FAQ 2005-02-09

What is the sample rate of the Agilent 34401A?
When configured for the fastest reading rate, the 34401A can sample at 1000 readings/second.

FAQ 2005-02-09

What is aperture time of the 34401A?
Aperture time is analogous to integration time or Number of Power Line Cycles (NPLCs).

FAQ 2005-02-09

Does the Agilent 34401A have a LAN IO Connection?
No. However, if you require Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity, consider the Agilent E5810A LAN-to-GPIB gateway.

FAQ 2004-09-23

Is there a way to measure low-level ac current using the Agilent 34401A?
Yes. The lowest specified measurement on the 1 A ac current range is 1% of the range, or 10 mA (see footnote 4 in the Data Sheet).

FAQ 2004-06-10

Can the Agilent 34401A scan multiple channels or take multiple measurements simultaneously?
No, but the Agilent 34970A has the ability to scan multiple channels.

FAQ 2003-06-02

What Is a "Count" and How Do I Use it to Compute Accuracy?

FAQ 2003-03-06

Is there a carrying case available for the Agilent 34401A multimeter?
Yes, there is both an accessory pouch and a basic instrument transit case available for the 34401A.

FAQ 2002-12-26

When performing a measurement count query (SAMPLE:COUNT?) command, are the math functions reset in any way?
No. The stored values are only cleared when you turn the min-max function off, turn off the power, or perform a remote interface reset.

FAQ 2002-09-12

What is the voltage limit that is considered open for diode testing?
The 34401A diode test function was designed specifically for silicon diodes. The cutoff voltage for diode testing is 0.8 VDC.

FAQ 2002-09-12

How can I get the command that I need to appear in the Agilent 3458A front panel display?
The Agilent 3458A has two menus available from the front panel.

FAQ 2002-09-12

Why does the "trig:coun inf" command produce error 531:Insufficient Memory?
You have programmed the meter to store the readings in the internal memory. The internal memory will only hold 512 readings therefore you get the error.

FAQ 2002-09-12

What is the part number for the User's Guide and Service Guide for the Agilent 34401A?
The part number for the English set of manuals including both the User's Guide and Service Guide is 34401-90100. The User's Guide and Service Guide are not sold separately.

FAQ 2002-09-11

What is the narrowest pulse that I can capture with an Agilent 34401A in min/max mode?
This is directly related to the sample rate for which your meter is configured.

FAQ 2002-09-11

Can I set the test current when making resistance measurements with the Agilent 34401A?
No, the test current is set depending on the range of the instrument. The specifications are the following:

FAQ 2002-09-11

Does the Agilent 34401A have external trigger capability?
Yes. The "Ext Trig" BNC terminal on the rear panel recives a low-true TTL pulse to trigger the instrument (pulse width >1 us).

FAQ 2002-09-11

How do I use the calibration message function of the Agilent 34401A?
You can use the calibration message feature to record calibration information about your multimeter.

FAQ 2002-09-11

Is the current path uninterupted during measuement range changes in the Agilent 34401A?
An open circuit does not occur when range changes are made during an autorange function. When the range changes, a 0.1 Ohm resistance is switched in parallel with the current shunt resistor.

FAQ 2002-09-10

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