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What is 802.11af, and does Agilent have a solution for testing 802.11af devices?
Learn more about Agilent's 802.11af solutions…

FAQ 2014-01-29

How does the 89601BU "update and subscription service" work?
Option 200 is mandatory and you cannot use the 89600 VSA software without having Option 200 installed. Software version.....

FAQ 2014-01-27

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard and Agilent test equipment?
Most Agilent products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2013-11-22

What file formats does the 89601A VSA software support for signal waveforms?
Recorded data from the following files can be interpreted by the 89600: ASCII (.txt and .csv), Binary (89600 SDF .sdf, .dat), Binary (E3238 .cap), Binary (N5510A .bin), MATLAB 7 (or earlier, .mat)

FAQ 2012-05-28

Do the E4406A, PSA Series and 89600 VSA Software report Peak Code Domain Error for W-CDMA and cdma2000?
Yes. The screen capture below shows a W-CDMA Modulation Accuracy measurement on the E4406A and PSA Series, and Peak Code Domain Error is reported in the results table.

FAQ 2012-05-26

Is the N9068A phase noise application supported by N9030A PXA Option EXM external mixing?
Yes, the N9068A phase noise application is supported when using N9030A PXA Option EXM external mixing. In addition, Option EXM supports normal spectrum analyzer applications, including PowerSuite one-button measurements.

FAQ 2011-04-06

Why does the X-Series analyzer take an 89601AN floating license from the server when the VSA software is not running?
This license is used to enable the VXA application.

FAQ 2010-11-22

How do I determine the type of license present in 89601A VSA software?
If there is a Modify tab under Utilities>License..., then Node Locked.

FAQ 2010-11-22

What are the baseband bandwidth upgrade details regarding options B25, S40, SU1 and BBA?
See table for details...

FAQ 2010-11-22

Can I connect new hardware to my 89601A software while it is running?
No. All instances of the 89601A software must be closed in order for 89601A to recognize additional measurement hardware.

FAQ 2010-11-22

What are the details regarding the baseband capture memory for option N9020A-BBA, Analog Baseband I/Q Inputs on the N9020A MXA using the 89600 VSA sof
Record length details found here....

FAQ 2010-11-22