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Designing, Verifying and Testing Stepped Frequency Radar Systems for Commercial and A/D Applications
This note shows a simulation platform using SystemVue software that easily links measurement tools to enable the design, validation and test of SFR systems under different environments.

Application Note 2012-10-18

Using Agilent SystemVue to Create Realistic Scenarios for Radar and EW Applications
Shows how the combination of software and hardware capabilities makes it possible to create dynamic and realistic scenarios for both component testing and scenario simulation for system test.

Application Note 2012-01-24

Using SystemVue’s Radar Library to Generate Signals for Radar Design and Verification - App Note
Agilent's Radar Library helps you with the productivity and accuracy of your radar signals.

Application Note 2011-01-25

Simulation and Verification of Pulse Doppler Radar Systems
Agilent SystemVue illustrates key algorithms in modern Pulsed Doppler radar system design, and also connects to Agilent sources and signal analyzers to verify hardware performance.

Application Note 2010-04-12

Radar System Design and Interference Analysis Using Agilent SystemVue
This application note outlines key value propositions of Agilent SystemVue software for Radar System design and jammer/interferer analysis.

Application Note 2010-03-03

Analyzing Infiniium Scope Radar Waveform with ADS
This AN focuses on using both Agilent test and measurement instruments such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, and signal analyzers to solve a common design problems of wireless and wireline communications products.

Application Note 2003-12-01